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$20 an hour for web design, $80 for a logo


I started out online by learning how to create websites on my own. I later took several online courses to learn more skills. I then created my first website which became a very popular website. I sold that website after 10 years of learning and apprenticeship.   Throughout the years I have created over 100 websites which have helped me deepen my understanding of web design. It will be my pleasure to work with you, to help you realize your goals. You can see some of the websites I worked on in the slideshow below.

Show me what you want to have as a site, and I arrange it to your liking. Your site will be beautiful on a pc as well as on tablets or mobile phones. I also optimize the photos so that your site is fast and you do not lose important visitors.


I can create your site with WordPress that will simplify your life when it comes time to updating your site. With WordPress it’s much easier, and your site can have a very nice presentation.

I can build you a site focused on e-commerce. I use a plugin called Woocommerce to make a beautiful online storefront. I can install the payment method you want your site to use. You can even choose to let Amazon.ca handle the delivery of your packages, they take care of everythiong. There are many possible options in the field of e-commerce. The price for e-commerce sites remains the same as for all the services I offer.


I can show you different logos and then you show me how you want your logo to look. I build it using Photoshop, and I will deliver it in .PSD and .JPEG format, or other types according to your needs. Logo services and site design services are at the same price.


If you want a site built with only HTML and CSS I can build it with Dreamweaver. Note that if you choose this option, you may find it more difficult to update it yourself. But in some cases it may be a good option.


Buy a block of time

To receive our services you must first buy a block of time. You can buy a block of 1 to 25 hours in duration. Making your payment is easy, select the number of hours you want to buy and pay with Paypal. If your site needs more than 25 hours to be built, you just have to buy another block of time, and the services continue.
Paypal accepts debit cards, and credit cards. Once the transaction is complete, Paypal will send you a receipt of your transaction. Once the payment is received we will work together to create you a beautiful website. If I finish your site in less time than expected I will reimburse you for unused hours, or you can use them to continue to improve your website with my help.

Number of hours

Buy a Logo

Je peux créer votre site avec Wordpress ou en simple HTML et CSS. Je peux aussi ajouter des pages construits avec PHP. On peut travailler ensemble pour vous créer un beau logo. Contactez-moi.

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